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How to Combine Gemstones together

It is not enough to simply put a gemstone in your pocket or wear it on your body to make it work to your benefit. Gemstones can help us physically and emotionally. However, while wearing gems in the combination, you can increase their power manifolds. 

Some gemstones work better when used in combination with other crystals. Others have opposite influencers. For example, Carnelian is very much a get-up-and-go motivational gemstone while Blue Agate is more of a calming and relaxing crystal. The gemstones will be confused by your intentions and could cancel out each other’s effectiveness.

To help you combine gemstones wisely, look at the major instructions on making great and effective combinations. 

  • Gemstones with the same color can double up their power. 
  • There are gems connected to fire, earth, water, and air. The ones that share the same element work better together.
  • You may also combine gems that share similar crystal structure, like cubic, trigonal, etc. 
  • Wear together the gems that come from the same mineral family (ex. Quartz Family which includes Amethyst, Yellow Quartz, Citrine, Smoky Quartz, etc.). 

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